"Have you ever gone to a health provider and after the first words and more importantly the first touch felt that this individual is special. I have had the good fortune of being a client of Brigitte Wiss for the past 3 years. Other that period I have benefit from her wide array of skills and knowledge in the healing arts, both mental and physical. I see Ms. Wiss on a regular visit, every 3 weeks.
Brigitte's Reflexology sessions are relaxing "the zone as she refers it" and energizing all in one. As a physician with longstanding chronic pain, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, I find Ms. Wiss treatments to be critical to my health care needs.
​Ms. Wiss's knowledge and skills go far beyond traditional reflexology. Her understanding of disease processes and healthcare issues come from a unique perspective and gives her the ability to deliver care that is both physically and mentally nurturing. Besides her well-developed mechanical skills she is a true "intuitive" healer, which is evident as soon as she puts her hands on you. As a reflexologist she is far ahead of her colleagues in this field.
I highly recommend Ms. Wiss and her special service to anyone, both healthy and infirm that wants to improve their physical and mental well-being. She is truly a unique person and has been critical in my life. There is no doubt that each session is mentally and physically relaxing and energizing. I emerge refreshed and renewed, happy to have taken the time in the name of self-care".
​ Kind Regards,
Dr. Mark Appleton, D.P.M.
June 2012

"My husband and I feel so fortunate to have met Brigitte! After regular and continued treatments, we both have noticed terrific improvements in our mood, energy, sleep and aches and pains. In addition, I’ve noticed improvements in my plantar fasciitis, stiff neck, pulled hip flexor and migraines. The migraines I've have since age 16 have drastically improved and I am taking less medication. For my husband, his bladder improved with less urgency and he has more flexibility in a toe joint injured in childhood.
I love the results...renewed energy, positive attitude (from Brigitte’s guidance) and a sense of peacefulness. The results are better than a massage to de-stress. She is a wonderful professional who truly cares about healing. She spent extra time with us to address our needs. I was amazed at the sense of well-being and balance I experience after my visits.
When our family recently visited from North Carolina, we treated them to reflexology with Brigitte and they were impressed with their results. The next time my parents visit from Florida, I plan on treating them to a visit with Brigitte too!
My family and I are huge fans of Brigitte. We recommend her to all of our family and friends.
Diane T.
Alexandria, VA
February 2012

I developed Plantar Fasciitis in October 2010 after a vacation. I walked several miles a day in the wrong shoes.
In January 2011, I went to the Podiatrist and he gave me several options. I chose not having my heel injected with steroid.
I was still have a lot of pain in my right foot, taking Motrin and limping. Then I found about Brigitte Wiss. I had Reflexology before regarding my glands and working better now.
I started seeing Brigitte weekly. The pain in my heel started to ease slowly so I was able to go on vacations again. Had Reflexology in my vacations twice. When I returned, I started seeing Brigitte weekly for 6 weeks. By August my foot was feeling better and I was able to start seeing Brigitte every 3 weeks. I continue to see Brigitte once a month as my foot is much better. Only a little pain when I am on my feet too long. I do not require to take Motrin for foot pain anymore.
I am still using the night splint and orthotics daily and not going barefoot as recommended by Brigitte.
I do not know where I would be if I had not found Brigitte. I am grateful for her customized service, knowledge and charisma.
Diana M. (Registered Nurse)
Vienna, VA
December 2011

I have been getting reflexology from Brigitte Wiss for a few years now. I find it to be beneficial to my overall health and energetic system.
Her reflexology unblocks energy paths that have helped both my physical and emotional state. Recently I had been exhausted and just couldn't seem to regain any energy. Within a day after a session I started to feel more energetic and started sleeping much better and a few days later felt back to my normal level of energy. What a relief! I have less pain due to Lyme disease. Brigitte is a great energy healer and she gives you great information. Brigitte is a delight to speak with and always offers helpful advice.
Her knowledge base in the area of wellness is quite impressive. Brigitte’s ability to see my energy inside my body make the session even more valuable.
I have repeatedly, and will continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.
The best reflexology I ever had! Really worth it!
Paul P. Falls Church October 2010

To whom it may concern,
I have been most fortunate to have Brigitte Wiss as my Reflexologist for almost a year, since I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. When I have a flare-up, the session really helps to get back to a more normal feeling on a physical level with less pain. My sessions with her have been the most helpful treatment I have received. It is amazing how I feel energized after the session. I enjoy her nurturing and healing touch. Brigitte’s Reflexology works as well or better than acupuncture for me. She is truly gifted and obviously very knowledgeable and experienced. I would recommend her highly to anyone and would be glad to talk to anyone about my experience with her.
Tina C. Great Falls
March 2009

Brigitte is the real thing!
I stopped having cheap reflexology in spas or on cruises. Not worth it. I have my regular appointments that help me with Stress and other issues. Her sessions are much more precise and detailed.
February 2015

Brigitte has a heart of gold and hands to match. I recommend her without reservation to anyone who desires optimum health!
Dr. Margaret Gennaro, M.D., Fairfax, VA - 703-865-5692

I can sleep better and I have more energy. My body feels alive! Brigitte helped the physical well-being of several of my clients. Her intuitive insights are of great help and her healing very balancing.
Dr. J. Coleman, Fairfax, VA

Suffering from Fibromyalgia, reflexology helped me feel my legs again.
M. Melius, Sterling, VA

I see improvement in my health. Her work helps increase my circulation, keep my skin clear, and gives me a general sense of well-being.
R. Haines, Arlington, VA

"Brigitte, I do not know what I would do without you!"
C.J. Falls Church, VA

This is my shortest 1 hour of my life"
A.M. Arlington, VA

"Can you work on me for 3 hours?"
R.K. Vienna, VA

"Brigitte has magic hands!"
T.D. Vienna, VA

The sessions with Brigitte are better than with any other reflexologist I've seen before. Not only does she make my feet feel great, my entire body feels better. She ends the session with energy work that keeps me feeling energized for several days afterwards. She is more than a reflexologist, she is a healer.
August 2015